Niels Brabandt - NB Networks

NB Networks is in the sole-ownership of Niels Brabandt, who is still actively involved in the delivery of all aspects of the business. 

He is an expert in Sustainable Leadership. He speaks at business events and conferences around the world and works with business leaders on developing their own and their team’s leadership skills.


Born in Hamburg, Germany, Niels grew up in an environment driven by a family steeped in careers in local government and civil service officialdom, he quickly realised he wanted to follow a different path. Brabandt started his first business, NB Networks, in 1998, working as a speaker and trainer, before working within a multinational company.


When he returned to his own business full time, he was soon winning international contracts and the business started to grow. He became actively involved in research and teaching. He authored and co-authored numerous publications.


Niels Brabandt now spends the majority of his time delivering training, workshops and keynotes around the world, where he is widely recognised as an inspiring and motivating speaker. He has the ability to explain scientifically proven content in layman’s terms. He is also frequently asked to act as a coach or mentor to business leaders. He applies exactly the same models and research that he speaks about to his hands-on work with clients, giving him huge experience and respect among his peers and audiences.