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News area deactivated

The news area is deactivated from February 21st of 2012.

DIDACTA - education fair has been a big success again

Every year national and international experts meet on the fair named DIDACTA which takes place in Hanover. This fair is an important milestone for all developments in the area of knowledge transfer – nationally and internationally it is the most important fair of the year concerning this topic. New developments, innovative access to knowledge transfer as well as an international exchange of numerous experts took place during one week. The whole management team of NB Networks visited the fair during this year to be up-to-date to latest developments of scientific and practical research results. Of course NB Networks will be present at the fair DIDACTA in 2013 as well to sustainably assure highest quality of all services delivered.

Charity event 2012

We are happy and proud to announce that this years charity event again has been a great success. Thank you very much to all clients which again actively participated in generating this massive success for those who are in need of our help. Once more numerous project around the globe have been supported. In 2012 NB Networks will again actively participate in social activities. Throught this means we underline year by year the importance of sustainability in our corporate culture.

Merry Christmas

The whole team of NB Networks wishes you a merry christmas and a happy, successful as well as a healthy new year 2012.

We are looking forward to continuing and intensifying our cooperation.

Leadership Track successfully finished

Today another leadership track has been finally finished. The client satisfaction rate again was one hundred percent which shows us that the sustainability of our way and the approach taken has again been exactly right.
During this track 160 new and existing leaders in 12 locations were trained, coached and consulted in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Great Britain and Ireland.

All of these leaders already have signed long-term contracts with their company to be an active part of designing and steering the future of their enterprise actively and with the highest amount of personal participation possible.

We are looking forward to receiving your tasks and request and of course we available with our help for you at any time.

Management & Expert-Track finished successfully

During this month NB Networks will successfull finish an international Leadership project with an international enterprise. The project which took place in whole Europe focused especially on leadership skills. The experts will now be able to take over leadership tasks in addition to their management role.

During the process of this Management & Expert-Track the enterprise already signed a 3-year-contract with NB Networks. This contract does not only contain Soft, Business & People skills but IT and language trainings as well.

Additional upgradings in this cooperation are already planned.

Successful christmas incentive - NB Networks thanks all their clients

At the beginning of december NB Networks has sent Christmas greetings to all our clients. Since the company has been founded we do not send any presents but therefore we support the initiative DOCTORS SANS FRONTIERES. This year we additionally called for re-sending the christmas coupon back to us to help CARE initiatives.

The return of coupons has been so overwhelming that we now even exceeded all projections. This of course means for us that we are going to support a third project to send help all around the world where it is needed.

We already support an educational initiative in Nicaragua but now in addition also will support the new building of a school in Tanzania.

NB Networks says THANK YOU to all or our clients for their active support.

Successful KICK OFF 2011

After a very successful year in 2010 the whole company of NB Networks with all employees have been invited to join for the KICK OFF 2011. Here we did not only review the successes of 2010, we also proactively communicated the objectives for 2011 with providing the highest amount of transparency possible.
We are happy to see that the data and evaluations provided by our employees has shown the the trend will lead us to a growth of about +40% in 2011 which overperforms all our expectations.

The owner and the management of NB Networks thank everbody in our great teams for all our successes - we are looking forward towards 2011!

Successful launch of staff council

Due to the fact that expansion in 2011 will continue the management of NB Networks sees an important point in having the opinion and rights of their employees represented with a strong voice. A major objective therefore has been to launch a staff council before the end of 2010.
We are proud to announce that from this moment Mr. Marcel Lehrmann will be the Chairman of the staff council at NB Networks.
"The fact that the management of NB Networks has seen this objective as so highly important makes us very happy. The very open and proactive communication will lead to an even greater success in 2011 that we already had in 2010" said Marcel Lehrmann after having been assigned.

NB Networks starts international Leadership & HR development programme

The decision has been made today. NB Networks will be the single training and consultancy partner for a leadership project which will take place on a national and international basis. This project will be done with 120 students in Europa, Asia and the USA.
Again the ability to deliver international solutions was an important factor when the decision which partner to choose has been made.

NB Networks starts cooperation with HR Roundtable

Continuously optimzing our services to focus on our clients actual and future need is one our most important objectives. Delivering a high level of best practices together with newest scientific results is a strong basis for best results.

We already cooperate with national and international institutions in different areas and are proud to be able to annouce that an additional partner is going to join us in our cooperation.

Under leadership of Mr. Thomas Buck - who himself has intensive knowledge in the area of HR since years - the HR Roundtable will be a new cooperation partner of NB Networks. The cooperation will optimize the delivery of workshops and keynote events (e.g. our "Experts Day") not only on fairs but as well on a national as well as international basis for any regional location.

We are looking forward to an intensive cooperation.

Niels Brabandt NB Networks HR Roundtable

HR Experts Day becomes big success in Bremen

On the 19th of April NB Networks again started the yearly HR EXPERTS DAY. HR Managers from all over Germany went to Bremen to take part at this event which presents the most news and interesting topics in the area of HR development and similar areas of knowledge.
The feedback was 100% positives so NB Networks will continue with this event. On the 31st of May the next event will take place in Hamburg.

Niels Brabandt NB Networks Expertentag Bremen

ITIL in practice

After several meeting, a clear and defined set of needs which has been found out and the presentation of a concept for optimization in respect to the business a large leading institute in Hamburg decided to implement the ITIL standard with consultancy by NB Networks.

Until the end of this year all foundations will be set. Until the end of the first quarter of 2010 following appointments already have been made to assure a continuous process of optimization.

At the end the whole concept of ITIL v3 will be implemented in practice. All employees will be certified for ITIL Foundations. All employees which need or should provide any kind of leadership work will be certified up to the level of the ITIL v3 Expert.

NB Networks expands Sales Force

Our expansion during the last weeks has resulted in very positive reactions by our clients. This shows us that we going the right way.

Hereby we announce that - based on our client feedback - we proactivey already engaged next steps for further expansions.
This proactive action assures that all training and consulting demands in the future will be handled professionally as known.

With Steffen Lehrmann and Marcel Lehrmann we are happy to have two experienced sales professionals on board.

Client feedback again has been more than positive - we are happy and proud to see this.

We are looking forward to our future cooperations with all our clients.

Successful visit of Motivation Expo

At the beginning of October NB Networks has been present as the first Motivation Fair in Germany. The "Motivation Expo" was one more milestone for us to focus on our product portfolio and the feedback we received from our clients was unambiguous.

Further expansions in these areas are planned. News will follow soon.

Outstanding Customer Reactions after Conference

Just some weeks after the international Conference in Las Vegas and the Workshops in Chicago all results of the customer feedback have been evaluated.

95.6% scored "very satisfied".
4.4% scored "satisfied".

This shows us that our international content is widely accepted as well. We will continue with our strategy and will continuously deliver the excellence which is known from us.

Listing of

We enhanced our website. When clicking on "Dates" you will now also find all our open enrollment classes.

We implemented this feature due to the continuous client need.
The compete listing will show all classes including all topics. Moreover the status of the class is also displayed, showing you if there are still seats available or not.

You are missing a class?
You may like to ask for a date, a class or similar?

No problem!

Do not hesitate to contact our General Manager Marcel Klemet via Marcel.Klemet@NB-Networks.com !

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Awarded for Worldwide Best Training

Wir are more than proud to announce that on August 15th in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Niels Brabandt has been awarded by the worldwide largest Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning Solutions as Worldwide Best Instructor. This now has been the fourth time in a row.

After more than 1.400 client evaluations the average score has been 8.997 out of the maximum of 9 points.

We thank our clients who made this possible and we are looking forward to our future cooperation.

Repeated success and award directly before International Conferen in Las Vegas

Just some days before the International Conference in Las Vegas start we are happy and proud to anounce a repeated success and award which has just been announced to us.

During the last month our customers scored the quality of our training with a 9.0 on a scale from 1 to 9. We are even more happy about this fact because it shows that the way of delivering highest quality is more than valued by our customers.

We are looking forward to the future in partnership with our client and of course to the award decision during the International Conference in Las Vegas which will take place in the near future.

Niels Brabandt NB Networks Trainer Berater Consultant Coach Auszeichnung Las Vegas weltweit bester Trainer

Book from Niels Brabandt now available

As already told in the area of "Publications" Niels Brabandt, owner of NB Networks, has written on the book "Besser mit Weiterbildung".

After publishing this detailed description the book is now available and may be bought from now on.

(see here: http://www.amazon.de/Besser-mit-Weiterbildung-Trainingsexperten-pr%C3%A4sentieren/dp/383703643X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1247695971&sr=8-1)

We are very thankful for any bought book!

Well known Speakers promote first published book

The just published book "Besser durch Weiterbildung" in which Niels Brabandt describes how training, coaching and consulting may be led to a measurable and sustainable success is now on the way to be even more promoted than expected.

Already before the book is officially published to well known go!-academy recommends this book within their actual newsletter.

We are looking forward to numerous readers.


Niels Brabandt Inhaber Geschäftsführer NB Networks Besser durch Weiterbildung Trainer Berater Consultant Coach

Awarded again - sustainable concepts lead to success

Once more our clients evaluated our delivery of service. This led again to a worldwide  award for Niels Brabandt, owner of NB Networks.

The company KnowledgeAdvisors has the task to again evaluate the delivery of all services from a neutral point of view. This result is published in a worldwide ranking which shows us again as the number one.

We are proud to be able to announce this repeated success. Moreover we again want to thank all our clients for their trust in our services.

Niels Brabandt weltweite Auszeichnung Trainer Berater Consultant Inhaber Geschäftsführer NB Networks

Book published - how to perform with sustainable training

After months of work it is now for sure: the first book will be published!

In times when budgets were cut down it is even more important that any training is tailored directly to the need. A special focus on the aspect of how to realize controlling in this area is a key aspect for success of any training delivered.

As the expert in this subject matter Niels Brabandt, owner of NB Networks, wrote the final chapter in which it is described how to be able to lead any training event to a sustainable and measureable success.

Additionl information may be found at http://www.besser.trainerbank.de !

Additionally we of course are open and available for all questions which may arise.

Niels Brabandt Besser durch Weiterbildung Autor Trainer Berater Consultant NB Networks

Worldwide Award repeated

The quality of all trainers, consultants and coaches is monitored frequently by customer feedback. These feedbacks were frequently cumulated and the top 10 worldwide persons are published worldwide. I am proud to announce that I have been ranked number 1 worldwide again. This is concretely shown in the following table:

I want to thank all clients for the consistenly great feedback. I am looking forward to continuing cooperation.

Result of CeBit IT fair announced worldwide

March 2009 was the time when I have been book as a speaker and for active sales during the IT fair of CeBit 2009. The event was a big success and the worldwide largest Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning solutions was more than satisfied.
Due to this fact the overall success has now again been mentioned in the worldwide newsletter.

The following article show the success clearly:
Niels Brabandt Speaker Sales Trainer Berater Consultant CeBit März 2009

Nominated for worldwide Award in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA!

Just some moments ago I received news. I am again nominated to take part in this years award ceremony for possibly becoming the worldwide best Instructor / Mentor / Consultant. I am more than happy that delivery of my work again is so much appreciated.
I am even more happy and looking forward to being at this event after getting to know where it will take place. The location will be “The Venetian” in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – due to this fact it will be the largest event of our whole business year.

Preisverleihung Award Las Vegas Nevada 2009 USA The Venetian

Awarded twice again plus special client feedback

Again I have been awarded twice. The evaluations of all clients came to the result that again both criteria have been met the most possible extent.

First I am awarded for delivering the largest quantity of training.
Second - and this is much more important to me - I have been awarded again for best quality in training.

Due to these facts I have been awarded again as worldwide best instructor in this month.

I want to thank all my clients for their trust and their cooperation. I am looking forward to working even more intensively together.

One thing I want to mention in particular: a fax arrived at one of my clients for which I deliver training pretty frequently. The client wrote on the fax that the wish to have especially me as the instructor for their training.
This makes me even more proud and I want to say thank you again.

Niels Brabandt Auszeichnung Award Februar February 2009 Trainerwunsch

Successful Follow-Up of CeBit 2009

After being booked as a Speaker and for Sales during the international IT fair "CeBit" in Hanover the feedback now is more than positive.

Numerous new clients and contacts were made. In addition to that also existing clients were fascinated by the new products and the quality of training which has been delivered over the years and also during CeBit for some small breakout session.

For the fair "Future HR 2009" which will from September 22nd to 24th I am already booked.

I am looking forward to seeing you there again - or of course hopefully even earlier.

Niels Brabandt CeBit Hannover 2009

Updating Train-The-Trainer-Skills in Hamburg

The worldwide largest Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning Solutions again decided to update their Train-The-Trainer skills. This time the focus has been set to methodology, didactica means and performane-oriented training methods.

In this training I again focused in science and practice of didactics, training and education. Especially the new method of making the didactical quality of a training measurable has been a tremendous success. It is for sure that this has not been the last training session concerning this topic.

TTT Hamburg Niels Brabandt April 2009

Great Feedback after CTT+ Instructor video exam

During the end of march 8 instructors succeeded in delivering the video exam for the CTT+ exam. The CTT+ exam is the worldwide only exam to prode didactical skills.

Especially one feedback took my special notice:


now I know that I have done a lot of things wrong during the last 20 years. Due to your training I have been relaxed today like I have never been before. I hope my feelings came along. I just felt like Mohamed Ali...

Thanks a lot for the great training during the last day.
I hope that one day I will be able to deliver the same quality of training as you do for my Trainees."

I am looking forward to my next Train-The-Trainer class which will be at the end of may in Munich.

Sustainable success after Sales-Training - first sales after 5 business hours

One of the quickest success in my career was now realised at the worldwide largest Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning Solutions. Just 5 business hours after delivery of training the first sales was made in the specific area which has been trained.

The reaction of the management was unambiguous:

"Dear Niels, thank you very much for your great Sales-Training." (Jörg Siever, General Manager Hamburg)

"I am really excited and enthusiastic! Thank you very much for your great training!" (Jörn Oelze, Owner of Master Franchise Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

"This is great news & a real demonstration of the effectiveness of your sales training." (Alex Keay, Area Sales Manager, Microsoft)

Sustainable success after TTT - repeated!

The TTT which I delivered in january in Cologne was a big success. Right after training the location was ranked in the top 25 CPLS locations worldwide. This success has now continuously grown.

During last month Cologne has been ranked number three CPLS center worldwide. In addition Cologne was ranked number 1 center networkwide. The rate of clients which have been very satisfied was 100%.

New Horizons Köln CPLS victory

Double Award again

On a monthly basis all instructors, trainers, coaches, consultants etc. are evaluated. The top 10 in this overall evaluation are shown in a worldwide listing.
The range of possible score starts from 1 (worst) and ends with the score of 9 (best). Each client answers 27 question concerning every training, coaching and/or consultancy event.

This month I have been awarded double. First I was awarded for being the most active listed person with 308 evaluations by the client. More important is that I have been awarded again for best quality (9.0 overall).

I want to thank again all clients for their trust. I am looking forward to being an active part in our future cooperation.

Doppelte Auszeichnung Niels Brabandt Januar 2009

CeBit 2009 - extraordinary feedback

In 2009 the worldwide largest Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning Solutions decided not to be present at one of the Microsoft Partner booths. The idea of being presented by an own booth and booking me as being resposible as a speaker and for sales was created at the beginning of this year. It came out to be the most successful CeBit ever.

Joern Oelze (CEO Germany, Switzerland and Austria) said the CeBit 2009 was "a great outcome and a big success plus a true win for our corporate image". Nicola Stelling (Head of Marketing Germany, Switzerland, Austria) meant that "it was a really great CeBit and great show of you - thanks a lot, Niels".

The results were impressive: more qualified leads were created per day than during the last years throught the whole fair.

Top-level scoring and results after first national staff conference in Berlin

Just a few weeks ago I was book as speaker at the first national staff conference of the worldwide largest Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning Solutions.
One goal of the workshops I was leading there was to achieve sustainable growth in quality. Throughout interactive seminars, workshops and classes we worked through the Status Quo to concrete points of action which had to be put into action as soon as possible.
Some weeks after this training / consulting we now see that sustainabe growth is noticed. One location was already able to become number two in the internal network and number six worldwide in the overall network in delivering quality.

I am very happy and proud that all changes worked out so well and moreover that these concrete changes have been followed up by local management without exceptions.

Mitarbeiterkonferenz Berlin 2009

Mitarbeiterkonferenz Berlin 2009 - Bild 2

January 2009 confirms 2008 successes - measurable results succeed again

One of the most important aspect of management overall mentioned it the fact of "sustainability". In my role as Training & Implementation Manager of the worldwide largest Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning Solutions I delivered special customized training for all Trainers in the location of Cologne. The training took three complete days and measureable results were a consequence of it.
Directly after training the client satifsfactory rate went so high that in January 2009 the location of Cologne was ranked number 2 worldwide inside the network of Microsofts largest Gold Partner for Learning Solutions. The overall rating wordwide ranked Cologne on 6!

Januar 2009 worldwide top CPLS

The own reliability as Trainer, Coach, Mentor and especially as a manager relies heavily on the factor of being able to deliver measureable results by yourself. A key focus of my work always is to underline that I am not only able to manage resources to perform but also to perform by myself.
The following statistics show that in Januar 2009 I have been scored by 308 client evaluations. In total I have been ranked number 1 worldwide for quality and quantity in training for the worldwide largest Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning solutions.

Januar 2009 top instructors worldwide quality

Januar 2009 top instructors worldwide quantity

Two awards at one

As the worldwide largest Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning Solutions announced today two project of me were specially awarded.

In first case I have been the mentor and speaker for multiple groups of more than 500 people during a ciritical process of change in company software. In second case I have been awarded - and this is the moment were I want to thank all clients - for my training in Decembre 2008.

As evaluations have shown I have been awarded as worldwide best instructor again for my training in December 2008.

The awards have been announced by Michael Smith (Director of Europe) and Darius Shey (Group Vide President International). Both are in charge for strategical europeanwide and worldwide decision for the worldwide largest Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning Solutions.


Special Mega Event Hannover

Worldwide Ranking December 2008

Successful Speaker Event at First National Staff Conference in Berlin

This year the worldwide largest Microsoft Partner for Learning solutions launched his first staff conference for all employees in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The conference took place in Berlin and I have been invited as a speaker.

The aspects of "how to deliver training" as well as "how to sell" were the main focuses of this event in which I was able to deliver a 90-minute session to all instructors and interested staff members.

Further ongoing project are not only planned but already booked. In Berlin the process of change and the goal of growing quality in sales, training as well as operations will continue in february. I will be in Berlin to train the whole staff. Further action in this ongoing project is already planned.
Niels Brabandt Mitarbeiterkonferenz 2009 Berlin

Niels Brabandt again ranked Number 1 worldwide

The monthly ranking of all instructors shows the worldwide elite on training. The worldwide "Top 10"
instructors are mentioned internationally.

After being awarded as the worldwide best instructor in 2007/2008 I am more than happy that my
clients again are so satisfied with my training, consulting and coaching. I am looking forward to the
next projects in the near future.


Niels Brabandt awarded as worldwide best instructor

The second time after another Niels Brabandt has been awarded as worldwide best instructor.

The award was presented to him during International Conference in Dallas, Texas, USA.
(the video was made by a spectator)